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Welcome to Morlen’s Resources Hub!

Welcome to our comprehensive patient resources hub, your go-to destination for valuable information to support individuals with chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD. At Morlen Health, we understand that well-informed patients are empowered patients. In this dedicated online space, we provide a wealth of information designed to enhance your understanding of your healthcare, streamline your experience with us, empower you to better manage COPD and other chronic respiratory conditions, and help you get the most out of our virtual pulmonary rehab at home program.

Explore our collection of instructional videos from our Breathe Better 101™ series that is part of our 100% virtual, home-based pulmonary rehabilitation program. The videos cover a range of topics, from understanding medical conditions to step-by-step guides on managing the challenges faced by patients with chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD. Here you can also find our patient guides to help you on your healthcare journey by ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a new patient seeking orientation to our home-based pulmonary rehab program, or a returning patient looking for specific guidance, our patient resources are tailored to meet your needs. Take charge of your health with the tools and information provided here, and feel confident in your partnership with Morlen Health, where your well-being is our priority.

Pulmonary Rehab at Home Video Guides

Patient Portal Registration Guide

Empower your health journey! 🌟 Unlock the Morlen Health Patient Portal with our step-by-step guide. Seamless registration, form completion, and appointment management await. Watch now to take control of get started on your virtual pulmonary rehab at home journey!

iHealth Pulse Oximeter Pairing Guide

Effortlessly monitor your oxygen levels through the Morlen Health Convenient Care App – just follow our quick guide to pair your iHealth Digital Pulse Oximeter for seamless and accurate tracking to support you on your virtual pulmonary rehab journey.

How to Access Virtual Appointments with Morlen Health: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the convenience of our virtual pulmonary rehab program, bringing top-notch healthcare right to your home. Confirm, check-in, join, and communicate securely with your healthcare provider with ease. Experience the future of healthcare from the comfort of your living room! 🏥💻

Breathe Better 101™: Empowering Patients Through Virtual Pulmonary Rehab

Welcome to our series of empowering videos tailored to serve as a valuable resource for patients with COPD and other chronic respiratory conditions. Our Breathe Better 101™ classes are an important part of our virtual pulmonary rehabilitation program. You will meet with our clinicians weekly in small group sessions to discuss how to manage your lung conditions and receive advice on dealing with flareups, oxygen use, diet, and exercise as well as get valuable tips on how better to manage the anxiety and stress associated with respiratory conditions.

The videos below are recorded versions of Morlen Health’s Breathe Better 101™ educational series. Dive into a wealth of insightful content covering crucial topics such as exacerbations, smoking cessation, sleep apnea, oxygen therapy, inhalation therapy, managing shortness of breath, nutrition & lung health, handling lung secretions, dealing with irritants, and more. Gain valuable knowledge and practical tips to take control of your respiratory health journey. Let’s breathe easier together.

Why Pulmonary Rehab?

🌬️ Dive into the world of Pulmonary Rehabilitation with our Ultimate Guide! If you or a loved one grapple with respiratory challenges, this video is your gateway to understanding the transformative power of Pulmonary Rehab. Discover who can benefit, unlock the life-changing benefits, and demystify the personalized journey to better breathing. Brought to you by Morlen Health, the leader in virtual pulmonary rehab at home! 💨

The Respiratory System

Explore better breathing with Morlen Health! 🌬️ Join us as we delve into the basics of the respiratory system, understanding how it works when it’s healthy. For those dealing with chronic respiratory challenges like COPD, we’re here to share insights on managing it effectively. Whether you’re facing respiratory issues or caring for someone who is, let’s navigate this journey together. Hit play for practical tips and a breath of fresh knowledge!


Empower yourself against exacerbations! 🌬️ Join Morlen Health as our experts explore the factors influencing exacerbations in chronic respiratory conditions like COPD. Discover triggers, and gain valuable tips to avoid or mitigate these challenges. Elevate your respiratory health with Morlen Health, a leader in fully virtual, pulmonary rehab at home.


Breathe easy with Morlen Health! 🌬️ Dive into our latest video where our experts discuss common respiratory irritants, from smoke to stress, and their impact on conditions like COPD. Gain practical advice on identifying personal triggers, avoiding irritants, and managing flare-ups. Your respiratory wellness matters, and Morlen Health, as the leader in virtual pulmonary rehab at home, is here to guide you.

Managing Shortness of Breath

Breathe easier with Morlen Health! 🌬️ In this video, our experts delve into the energy dynamics of breathing, especially for those facing chronic lung diseases like COPD. Discover how knowledge and proactive planning can transform the struggle for air into a positive cycle of improved breathing efficiency, energy conservation, anxiety control, and conditioning. Take the first step toward a virtuous circle of respiratory well-being.

Inhalation Therapy

Master your inhalation game! 🌬️ Join Morlen Health in Episode 7 of our Breathe Better 101 Education series, where our team dives into the world of inhaled medication devices for chronic respiratory conditions like COPD. Get a comprehensive overview, uncover the pros and cons of each type, and learn the correct usage techniques. Elevate your respiratory care with Morlen Health’s virtual pulmonary rehab at home programs.

Oxygen Therapy

Unlock the power of oxygen therapy with Morlen Health! 🌬️ In this video, our experts break down the essentials of oxygen therapy for individuals with chronic respiratory conditions like COPD. Gain practical insights on when and how to use these systems to ensure you’re getting the oxygen you need. Breathe easier with expert guidance.

Managing Stress & Depression

Uncover the link between emotional health and chronic lung disease. Morlen Health experts share insights on managing stress, anxiety, and depression to improve overall well-being. Learn practical tips for self-care and better chronic lung disease management. Watch now for a holistic approach to health.

Managing Lung Secretions

Breathe freely with Morlen Health! 🌬️ Explore effective strategies for managing lung secretions in our latest video. Our experts provide practical tips to help you maintain optimal respiratory health. Take control of your breath with Morlen Health’s guidance.

Nutrition & Lung Health

Elevate your lung health through nutrition! 🍏 Join Morlen Health in our latest video as we explore the vital connection between nutrition and respiratory well-being. Discover expert tips to support your lungs and boost your overall health. Nourish your body, breathe better.

Sleep Apnea

Unlock the secrets of a good night’s sleep! 😴 Join Morlen Health as our experts delve into the world of Sleep Apnea, affecting over 25 million adults in the US. Explore risk factors, causes, and practical options to mitigate its wide-ranging impacts on health and well-being. Embrace a restful future with Morlen Health.

Smoking Cessation

Take the first step to a healthier you! 🚭 Join Morlen Health as we break down the impact of smoking on your health and explore effective options and strategies for quitting. Your well-being matters, and we’re here to guide you. Discover a smoke-free future with Morlen Health’s fully virtual pulmonary rehab at home programs.