Home-based Pulmonary Rehab

Breathe easier when it comes to pulmonary therapy at home


The road to recovery and a higher quality of life is easier and safer when it happens at home.

Our professional, home-based pulmonary rehabilitation program provides a private, convenient and easy-to-do option created specifically to improve and maintain pulmonary care and reduce trips to and from appointments.

Pulmonary therapy at home also reduces the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases that can complicate or prolong the rehabilitation process.

At Morlen Health we encourage all patients living with COPD, emphysema and other lung diseases to take greater control of their health and actively engage in home-based pulmonary rehabilitation.

Patients participating in this clinically-sound program are enabled to accurately self-monitor their oxygen levels, blood pressure, heart rate and their perceived exertion.

At-home pulmonary therapy also includes educational workshops, breathing exercises, one-on-one therapy, counseling, nutritional classes and the self-management of medication.

To learn more about the clinical efficacy and patient benefits of pulmonary home care please contact your PuImonologist.